Friday, Jul 25th 2014
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The Nutrition Side

Whether you’re an athlete, a foodie, or simply someone interested in learning more about eating we...

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About Jessica

I'm a food and fitness lover who believes that one is not without the other.  Food is fuel and fitn...

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The Fitness Side

What do you enjoy about fitness?  What motivates you and challenges you to do more and stick with a...

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There are always new diets and dietary trends on the fringe, and one of my favorite things to do is to review and dig a bit deeper into how real some of their underlying claims are.  My boot camp crew and I have a great time discussing these dietary trends after our workouts on Tuesdays […]

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Is food one of your life’s simple pleasures?  Sure.  I hope so.  Food can be fun, social, empowering, energizing, . . .  or, completely counterproductive.  I love food but also can see that it is often abused for emotional needs or out of boredom.  Consider how stress, fatigue, loneliness, or other needs affect what foods […]

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It has been an interesting last few weeks as I’ve been holding down the fort at home, shuttling my kids around, teaching and maintaining work, keeping up my energy with this pregnancy, of course feeding everyone (that’s a big job in and of itself), and supporting my husband with work and Army duties.  I’ve have […]

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