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The Nutrition Side

Whether you’re an athlete, a foodie, or simply someone interested in learning more about eating we...

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About Jessica

I'm a food and fitness lover who believes that one is not without the other.  Food is fuel and fitn...

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The Fitness Side

What do you enjoy about fitness?  What motivates you and challenges you to do more and stick with a...


          Today is a big day in the nutrition world. Yes, finally the new USDA Dietary Guidelines have been released. Why the delay? It’s what Marion Nestle, nutrition and food studies professor and author out of New York University, calls “food politics.” One of her books, by the selfsame name, was […]

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          I woke up early, early this morning to hit up the gym in our hotel. From our tenth floor abode, up, up, up, I took the stairs to my destination on the eighteenth floor where the spacious gym at the top of this Washington, D.C. high-rise awaited me. Beautiful. There […]

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Today I am going to share my top 25 reasons for why I love boot camp so, so much! Fun! Friends Enhancing self-esteem and confidence Improvements in strength and muscle definition It feels good to push hard and overcome challenges Accomplishing goals Feeling happy (mood booster!) Improved posture Keeps the mind sharp Conquering push-ups, planks, […]

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