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I’m a food and fitness lover who believes that one is not without the other.  Food is fuel and fitness is an active, healthy body, which, from my experience equates to happiness and living life to the fullest.

I do not embrace the diet mentality, but rather embrace food, particularly delicious, clean, and REAL food, as the preferred source of energy to fuel my body for whatever adventure, event, or race comes with each day (sometimes the race is after my three children).  As a registered dietitian (RD), certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD), food lover, group fitness instructor, and certified-personal trainer, my belief is that wellness is both mental and physical.  ​

Healthy food and an active lifestyle are empowering.  Who doesn’t feel better after a challenging workout, or even a brisk walk?  I am passionate about helping others learn to LOVE fitness and enjoy food, and to plan, prioritize, and make them an essential part of every day.

​I love to learn.  My undergraduate program was at Utah State University, through which I completed a coordinated program, with various internship experiences, and gained the scientific and medical basis for a career in dietetics. I worked as a clinical dietitian before moving to Houston, Texas where I was a nutrition coach and group fitness instructor at Life Time Fitness.  My family and I later lived in the D.C. area, where my husband was on Army orders.  However, after he deployed to Afghanistan we relocated to Utah and I pursued a master’s degree in Sport’s Dietetics (Exercise and Sport Sciences) from the University of Utah.  Now I work, eat, juggle three children, blog, train, run, cook, and try to take in each day as an opportunity for experimenting, learning, sharing what I learn, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.​

Each day is a gift and an opportunity to learn and to grow.  I am here to help you find your edge as an athlete and to help you feel your best as a healthy and active individual.  If you are looking for more nutrition knowledge, improved performance, fat loss, muscle gain, more energy, and/or wellness, you have an ally.  I am here to share with you, your teammates, and your family my passion for food and fitness.  Let’s make today amazing!  What can I do for you?

Professional Associations:

• Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
• Sports Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionists
• Nutrition Entrepreneurs
• Utah Dietetics Association
• American Council on Exercise

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