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Energy Weight

It’s something I am asked about frequently and all of us seem to want more of it . . . energy!  Is a lack of energy affecting the quality of your life?  If so, you may be prey to the thousands of testimonials, supplements, and hyped up “secrets” aimed at your money in return for a guaranteed pep in your step; however, when it comes to real life and validated approach to supporting more energy for living, what can you do to liven up the way you feel?

Of course, your energy levels are measured subjectively.  And so when somebody asks how you are doing you might say “good,” whether you mean it or not, or “I’m tired,” which are the most common responses I hear. A true assessment of energy levels requires paying close attention to how you feel as you go about your day at work, at home or around the town, whether hitting up the grocery store, organizing and cleaning, interacting with friends and family, or whatever consumes your time. If you find that you are all too often simply “going through the motions,” dreading going out, and you’re struggling to accomplish what you need to, it’s time to assess the most common culprits for why your energy is down to the floor:

  • •  How is your sleep quantity?  You might be getting too much or too little sleep?  Even one hour of sleep debt can add up.
  • •  Sleep quality is also important.  Do you sleep deeply?  (If you have a newborn, hang in there.)
  • •  How about eating habits?  They are also major players, with inconsistencies in meals, meal skipping, and low-quality food choices, or CRAP (calorie rich and processed), sabotaging the best of efforts for energized living.  Eating too much or too little will also leave you wanting for energy (which sounds like a paradox) to do what you need to do.
  • •  Medical conditions and medication side effects are important to assess, so check in with your doctor here.
  • •  High anxiety and stress levels can drain you emotionally and physically.  Honestly, does worrying do any good whatsoever?
  • •  A lack of exercise begets feelings of slowness and a dip in the metabolism, which is already declining with age if you’re not actively doing something about it with strengthening exercises.  If you are training hard and a lot you’ve also got to allow your body to recover so do your best to listen to your body and recognize when it’s time to back it off just enough.

Exercise is known to be a natural energy booster and mood lifter. Whether because of endorphins, increased fitness, enhanced oxygen consumption, or a combination, no one can argue that regular exercise is a powerful antidote for fatigue.  If you hit it up first thing in your day after a restful night I does wonders for energizing your day.

As for your diet, consider working with a professional to dig deeper here.  If you aren’t getting enough essential fatty omega-3 fats, take this issue seriously and get those bad boys (really good though) in there.  Animal studies have shown that diets high in omega-3 fatty (and also antioxidants – think fresh vegetables and fruits) improve memory and cognition scores, and support a good mood.  A good mood equates to amazing energy in many scenarios.  Am I right?

Also, when it comes to vitamins and minerals, go for real food and the synergy that comes with the nutrients packaged together.  If you have low levels of iron, vitamin D, B vitamins, zinc, and/or magnesium, correcting deficiencies could be the means of reversing your energy drag. A nutrition professional can simplify all of this when it comes to making smart food choices and supplementing where necessary to get those micros into your diet.

Hydrate!  I definitely mean with water on this one.  It’s not uncommon to feel tired and slow or to get headaches from dehydration, but these symptoms are easily resolved with drinking enough H2O.

Get a health screening with your doctor to rule out thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances, and other fatigue-causing diseases.

Lastly, remember that even if it’s called an energy bar or an energy drink, it doesn’t mean it’s your best choice to energize.  Save energy bars for on-the-go needs and avoid a lot of caffeine (meaning chronic intake) and coffee, as overdoing the latter two can backfire and lead to tanking later on.  This can lead to exhaustion and overcompensation with food, thus self-sabotage and feeling more sluggish. Caffeine has it’s place, but don’t overdo it.

Pump iron, get your heart rate up regularly (with exercise not anxiety), eat and hydrate well, sleep and de-stress. Find the outlets you need in your life, and where needed be sure to recruit help to make these wonderful things happen so that you can be more energized and invigorated to thus get the most out of life.  You only get one shot at this life, so make the most of your opportunities and be your best, most invigorated self.   You are so worth it.

All the best!



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