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Jess and Baby

Baby fat?  Mine, that is.  Let me explain.  First, if you happen to wonder where in the world I’ve been, my simple answer is: here.  I’m still here.  It’s been an incredible summer, jam-packed with swimming, playing, yard work, family time, Legos (thanks to an almost obsessive fetish my 6- and 4-year old daughters have fostered), work, and then THE BIG BOOM, having a new baby!  Hence, the last few weeks have been about being a mom, being present, and, ultimately surviving.  I’ve been especially loving precious moments with a sweet, new little man in our house, and our other kiddos, who are each the greatest blessing.

And so, after 9-1/2 months of pregnancy, yes I count an extra ½ month because my babies come late, and if you do the math, that’s how long, long pregnancies are, I am ON!  I’m ready to shed the blasted baby fat that I wish was delivered along with the baby, and am now happy to share my ground rules for how I’m going about it, while still being immersed in caring for a family and spending plenty of time snuggling and loving my sweet little newborn and his sibs:

•  Exercise comes first:  First thing in the morning that is.  My husband leaves for work early and so I have to be on my game to get my sweat on without the kids in tow.  Of course it’s a gradual process of adding the intensity back in, as my OB encouraged me to “listen to my body,” adding in more intense activity, progressively.  While there’s no need to dive into the deep end just yet, I know that waking up and being active from the get-go is important for setting the stage for the rest of the day.  Just as “an object in motion stays in motion,” if I start out active and embrace the day feeling empowered and active, I know I am more optimistic and active throughout the rest of the day.

•  Staying REAL with Nutrition: There’s still no excuse for eating crap, especially not now.  I am loving summer’s bounty, from apricots and cherries, to kale, corn, watermelon, and so many varieties of vegetables!  They are the foundation of my diet, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Simple and delicious!

•  Eating Only When Sitting:  This is one I’ve decided to really crack down on.  Even though I feel like I’m constantly feeding little people and it’s easier to eat while standing and waiting on them, I’m committed to doing better to avoid snacking and picking at BLTs (bites, licks, and tastes) that are mindless and really add up.  Anyway, food is more enjoyable when we’re mindful and can sit and enjoy it without too many distractions.  Awareness is key here and those little bites really add up!

•  Moving More Throughout the Day: Taking advantage of opportunities to move, both indoors and outdoors is the gist here.  For example, instead of sitting and waiting, walking, with my baby snuggled up in his front carrier, while we wait for my daughter at soccer practice and parking further away at the grocery store are great opportunities for a metabolic boost.  Mowing the lawn, weeding and working in the garden, and avoiding being a slug on the couch, are also great ways to move and enjoy it (I love working outdoors).  Taking advantage of a few minutes here or there to stretch, walk, and even fit in resistance training while at work can also help immensely.  Speaking of taking advantage of movement opportunities, my heart rate is just about to escalate as I up to chase after a pesky fly!

• Recognizing Triggers and Stopping Self-Sabotage Every Time it Rears it’s Ugly Head:  I am keeping a habit journal to help pinpoint and recognize triggers for poor habits threatening the obtainment of my goal.  For some people, triggers may be fatigue or boredom mid-afternoon and the habit of reaching for a soda or something sweet for a dopamine release.  Recognizing poor habits and self-sabotaging patterns, feelings, and emotions is crucial.  We often struggle with just erasing poor habits and do better to exchange them for better habits.  Rather than reaching for unhelpful snacks, my answer is to rearrange cupboards and foods in the fridge, placing smarter nutrition options at eye-level where they are easy to remember and reach for, rather than old standbys that are no help to the cause.  Sliced up peppers, carrots, and celery, and washed up, easy to grab fruits are my #1 go-to helper here, and they are right where I need them to be to remind me of my goals.

•  Water: You and I both know this one!  It’s something that needs to be said, however.  From first thing in the morning and all day long, drinking water is an important part of health and obtaining a healthy weight.  Immersions with lemons, cucumbers, and berries are refreshing as well.  I’ve got my trusty water bottle right here and it’s a constant companion.

 •  Staying Optimistic:  I know I can and will do this.  My mental game is in full swing.  With ten pounds to annihilate, I’m on it.  Thus, my commitment is to be confident and accountable in my ability to start each day off active, stay REAL with my food choices, avoid mindless snacking or “BLTs,” spend more time moving and little time being inactive, dodge self-sabotage, and stay well-hydrated is absolute.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Do you have body fat to shed?  If so, join me!  Whether it’s sympathy weight or just a nuisance you’re ready to leave behind, let’s do this!

Share your healthy and smart tips and tricks for losing unwanted body fat without obsessive tricks, gimmicks, or unnecessary props.  Let’s keep it simple and lighten up together!

All the best!



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